And there you are….

Months, weeks, days, hours and hours then really have been in the preparations. Entire evenings get ready to get the homemade suitcases, including headache of the hinge which would not succeed, and headache of the many beers that followed the great job evenings with one of your best friends.

A month before departure stop with working was not an easy decision, and also went with a lump in my throat. Because certainly, all my business relationships entered into long-term thoughts, and have given me so many opportunities. I tried to pick out the right, and go here for full, resulting in a financial stabile and healthy working environment.
But this month I definitely needed to this adventure, some call it a dream, to be able to go on the “Henri” way.

Whole days I have read a lot internet pages, to explore how others do it, traveling by motorbike. Read stories, tips and tricks and gained myself responsible for all sorts of situations, attend courses, followed mind-set workouts, to physically and mentally exhausted myself, to see how I react (or not). Sorts, too many to mention, I have undergone in the past year.
The hardest part for me was the realization of the best moments that I probably will miss some time. These were calls, hugs, dances, smiles, winks, and things like that made me stand there silently at which choice I made, and for me to decide that I really wanted to go traveling without any place of residence.
I’m not saying that it is a dream or a wish. But something that should happen, from within my innerself. I feel the strong urge that this has to be happening. In past relationships I have made wonderful trips together on my bike, and I each time I get overweldm by nature who donned, and let me just hold my breath! What we are small and insignificant as a human being!!

The month passed quickly, and the preparations were not finished, and suddenly there was my party.
Wow, that really hit like a bombshell !!!

So many loved ones, and souls together, and so many beaming faces I saw. The most beautiful words were spoken to me, emotional faces were me showed, and powerful but significant handshakes were distributed there. I still get a quivering lower lip when I think back, when I get a smile from ear to ear from there!
Really that night has completely shut me apart, and got me thinking…

A lot of thought, and then also really much’s. More than 24 hours I engaged in what was happening around me …. Exactly all details were sucked …. not even time to good use be….

I skipped the last days of preparations and was full of people around me. That I Actually for 29 years everywhere through it drag.
The realization came that I actually ask questions every day, to myself or to others. Every day I’ve been curious to the people on this globe. Every day I ask questions to myself, and try to learn from them, or even from the other people around me.
Parents, family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, everyone I’ve learned something, and unlearned. What is and what is not, how they stand in life, what drives them is, when they are beaten out of the field is, when their opinion counts for me is, when someone asks for help. ‘If, who, what and why??
Why … why … why at that mandate for me 30th traveling….
Answers very much have I found, but one thing I am not out…..

In the end there is the day when you close the door of your house, with a bag in your hand, and a backpack. Fortunately, “sleep” next to someone who gave me the strong energy in the last three months of preparation, together also the realization that I leave her with the biggest question marks and a wounded soul.

At me family’s house I dropped the last things, and discussed some last “business stuff”. And then get on and apply full throttle to Schiphol, brought by someone who has taught me to get up every day. How heavy was the previous day, or the day to come, the only thing to do in life is to get up, every day, by trial and error, but stand up, maintain rock hard, as long as you get up, the rest will follow!!
Thank you so, I get up every day, no matter how early or late it is !!

At Schiphol someone had the thought that the Netherlands could not miss me yet, so came the magic box above, to get out finally with a big smile from me, just to check in. Because I did not return ticked, I could not leave NL, you believe it you’re self?
A final laugh, one last hug, the last photographs (a “intact” Henri) and up you go!

Particularly it was that only in Toronto, thw 2nd shift, and 5th x customs control, a bottle of liquid emerged, which I of the summer once in a dark box of me had stopped backpack! long live …….

As soon I was there they called me “pumpkin, sweetie, honey, darling and bro”, so I think that all that winking works well for me, unfortunately, the man checking in behind me, with pants that I ran across in stride, it was same addressed.
Canada fell like a warm blanket over me, up to my neck, something even oppressive. For me as a Dutchman it was a little too friendly and interested talked with me, and I had to definitely adjust equally. But luckily manage that fast, though I will long be addressed as “guy not from here”.
One of the first nights I ended up naturally in the pub, to even want to see the Canadian relax and dance. First I come into contact with a group of Ultimate Frisbee athletes, a totally unknown sport to me. And because of that unknown “blanket” than the first time felt like they fooled me to stop. While me later with one of their talking about his passion to the sport, we shake hands afterwards that passion sometimes brings you to madness and unlimited demands sacrifices demanded to get where you want.
After this really time to go with the dance floor, so on to Tooty Moosy. Okay, here I had just switch to “dance” but finally I got it. You should here the my idea to give muscular boyfriends compliments about the enormously wide biceps, giving you a moment later with his very pretty girlfriend (s) must be in the picture … it’s a hard job, but someone got to do it !!

The days follow afterwards by exploring the city, and above all things to collecting (which already far in advance chosen in NL) that I will need when I travel. A few good deals to be dragged out, and some (certainly vital things like tent / sleeping bag) must be purchased yet.
This morning finally allowed to get on my motorcycle, after 2.5 day delay, the almost intact may receive! The first Canadian kilome … miles are a fact … as a child I was happy to jump on the parking of the hotel when it appeared that everything was still in my suitcase, and I will really going to start with my passion overseas!

Okay, I am now officially 30, I’m literally to “the other side”, and until today, it feels very good, and I’m still confident and looks very nice on me strength …
I’m sure that after tomorrow, very much going to make it. Great highlights and deep black valleys, cold nights and hot afternoons, passionate moments and boring roads, jaded souls and powerful hot people, dear brave and self-Defending animals, solitary breakfasts and bomb buildings rich, sticky clammy seared meals and nutritious dinner party.
Everything I will encounter on my trip, and every day I keep asking myself questions, every day I’m going to get up, how heavy or beautiful it was yesterday. Each day there will be a moment of past and present haunt me head. Wherever I am, whatever I am sure, I’m going to try to enjoy and learn!!

Everyone I met the past 30 years have been able to learn, speak, or merely observe, thank you for who you are. My journey is a part of your trip. All the beautiful words you my award, you must first be able to tell you himself.
I love myself!!

And there remains one thing me guilty, how strong is love …..

P.S. next blogs will include photo and video libraries of the things I encounter, and find important to share.
But if you ask some things to know, do not hesitate to contact me!
Or leave a comment below.

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