Today its my 31th birthday … but that’s just a number for me…

And just because its just a nr, here are some random more !!
(And they are about my trip)

1 year and 6 days o the road.

2 countries I traveled in, but used 2 passports.

Used 1 rear tire.
Changed 1 chain.
Had 1 oil change .

3 times i was sick already past year, and I’m rarely sick.
1 time i missed my only Christmas dinner, because i was sick at that moment, how sad it was !!

I’m using my 3,5 pair of glasses know.
1 is laying in Lake Superior, 1 broke down completely with a bike crash, and the last one broke because a lady sat on it, and the worst part was, I didn’t had it on my nose that moment 😉
And that 0,5 is because the optometrist broke glasses when he tried to replace it! And got me a new frame to !

1 bruised ankle from off-road riding.
2 big deep scares on my chin, because of down hill riding on mountain bikes, what was awesome, but painful !!

1 time my bike broke down, my ignition switch stopped working, and I solved that to start my bike with a nail, like the old fashion way!

3 really close calls, and for sure 1 got my a big trauma for a long time !!

2 places i felt like home, Thunderbay and the Yukon, and next year that list gone be longer I guess (and hope)

Thunderbay help me get back on track( after i reconniced i had a trauma) and I jumped on a awesome trainwagon full with cool people who i count them as really good friends!

Yukon, a place only you can imagine if you bin there, such a hard place to live, definitely when you had bad luck to born there poor, but lovely if you choose to life there!! Wild and rough, beautiful and intense !!

1 time i felt scared because i got followed by a strange guy for a long time at night, even till my sleeping place that moment.

I got 1 time pulled over by the police, and that was even when i was driving a car, and they laughed so hard about my pink drivers license; and it helped when i said everybody is gay in Amsterdam !!

1 time i went out with a good friend of mine, a cop, and later that night his buddy’s paid me a lap dance, and I didn’t remember that till 2 months later, so drunk I (we) were!

1 flat tire in my hole motor biking career, just a month of 2 ago.

3 times i felt lonely, but i was at those moments surrounding by awesome people

1 time i skyped with my brother, and that’s enough for him, unfortunately i feel like.

1 time i was riding towards a crazy party, in a snow covered backroad, and missed totally the corner, felt off the bike, in a snow bank, couldn’t move at all, and got found later, by 6 guys on snowmobiles!

That party changed my trip completely, because the most awesome people i met that evening!

3 times i set up my tipi tent, and slept in it.
1 time to try it out, 1 time in Alaska because i had 3 weeks of pouring rain, and 1 time i had a guest, and we tough we should look normal on the campground, but we ended up underneath the beautiful dark sky, witch is what i Love !

1 broken clutch lever, because of trying not to hit my friends when having a blast off-road !!

3 big snowstorm i (hardly) survived, but the best moment in that was when I stopped later at a gas station to defrost, a truck driver walked inside the store an yelt from excitement : WERE IS THAT BAD ASS MOTORBIKER ?!! And he said to me, that when he was pee-ing outside a few km earlier, he saw me coming trough the storm, he squeezed him self, because he thought he dreamed that he saw a bike in the snowstorm, and I replied calmly , ” so in what were you squeezing that moment ” … and i could hear him laughing till he got 5 km away, including the rest of the gas station !! 😉

1 time i run completely out of gas, just 20 km ish before a fuel pump, but I just passed a camper at that moment, hauling a bike behind and he shared his extra gallon of gas(indeed gallon, it was Alaska)

1 frog came inside my sleeping bag, just when I dreamt about rattlesnakes, because i saw them that day.

Probably 1 squirrel pee-ed over my air mattress, and it still stinks like… euhhh… squirrelpee … !

1 big hairy long tailed brown-ish animal jumped on my sleeping bag when i was sleeping on a golf course, and run over my face.
And yes, that was also my 1night I didn’t slept at all !!

1 time a park ranger woke me up in the middle of the night, because i was sleeping on a illegal place, what I didn’t know, but when he saw my bike, and Dutch plate, he only would have a picture with him on my bike, and wished me a goodnight!

Till know my 1 sticker on my paniers what said” dit is een mooie plak om te tûtsen” (“this is a nice place to make out”) worked out pretty well 😉

Like also my own made 1 who said: “I need a warm place to sleep, or pie…” worked out, and i got a lot of pie… but I meant PEE !!

Like you see, lots of numbers but most of it just ones!
And that’s also one of the big reason i made a different decision back home, and start traveling around the world.

More than likely back home i could not imagine more than 2 new experiences would happend like this!
Were i am still 100 % thankful for, but its all about; How Strong Is Love… for you self, others, the nature, animals and lots more !!

Start Loveing you self, makes a better world !!

Enjoy life wonderful people !

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